Tournament information


The players will be divided into groups of 4 based on their rating. Each group will play a single round robin schedule, so each player will play one game against every other player in the group. On Saturday one round will be played, on Sunday two. The tournament organizers may decide to place a player in another group than his or her rating would demand.

Besides the open groups there will be two groups that are accessible only by invitation. Who those players are will be made public via this website.

During the tournament there will be an exhibition of chess art. Local artists will exhibit several of their works; all of who have chess as their theme.

Playing venue

Both the tournament and the exhibition will take place at " Het Streeperkruis", Streeperstraat 66 in Landgraaf. Go to location for more information.

Rate of play

The open groups a clasic rate of play will be in effect. Each player gets 1:45 hours for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes extra for all remaining moves. There will be no increments. The invitation groups will have a Fischer delay system. Each player has 1:45 hours for 40 moves, followed by 15 minutes extra for all remaining moves. From move 1 there will be an increment of 15 seconds per move.

Tournament rules

The tournament rules, in Dutch only, can be downloaded here.


The results of this tournament will be send to the Dutch and German Chess Federation for rating processing, as well as to FIDE.


Participants are kindly requisted to register before Wednesday 1 June using the subscription form on this site. It's also possible to subscribe on Saturday 4 June in the playing venue between 14:00 and 14:30. Registration by phone is not possible.

Entry fee and prizes

The entry fee is € 10,- per player for all groups. We kindly ask all players to transfer the subscription fee to our bank account before Sunday 29 May. Our IBAN number is NL83INGB0003488974 (BIC INGBNL2A) in the name of "Schaakvereniging Schaesberg". If you pay after this date an additional € 2,50 will be charged to cover administrative costs. This measure was taking to ease the start of the tournament.

In every regular group there are 2 prizes. The winner of each group receives € 20,-, the runner-up receives € 10,-. If two or more players in a group have the same amount of points the order in the ranking list is determined by the number of points scored in the games between them. If those are equal too the prizes will be shared.

Chinese buffet on Saturday

If there are sufficient subscriptions there will be a chinese buffet in the playing venue after the round on Saturday. The buffet will be prepared by chinese restaurant Hong Kong, close to the playing venue. Taking part in the buffet costs € 15,- per person. When subscribing to the tournament you can also chose whether or not to participate in the buffet. In order to participate both the subscription and the subscription fee have to received by the organisation by 29 May!


The Schaesberg Schaakvierkampen is organised by Schaakvereniging Schaesberg, a chess club from Landgraaf. The organising committee consists of the following persons.

Ralf Ploumen Tournament coordinator
René Coenjaerts President Schaakvereniging Schaesberg
Paul Thissen Treasurer Schaakvereniging Schaesberg
Jos Jeurissen Logistics
IA Luc Cornet Chief arbiter
Eric Barentsen Arbiter
Euregio Maas-Rijn
Succes Studiebegeleiding